Swim Lesson Instructor (SLI) Courses and Swim Lesson Programs

World Academy of Safety & Health (WASH) has developed an international swim lesson curriculum and certification program. The program offers all participants in-water skills as well as general safety knowledge while in, on, and around the water.

WASH has developed two swim lesson instructor courses: Swim Lesson Instructor (SLI) S.1 Course specifically designed to train and certify successful course participants to conduct WASH swim lessons to learners of all ages and skill levels. WASH has also developed a Swim Lesson Instructor S.2 Course of which successful participants are authorized to deliver the WASH Swim Lesson Program as well as to train and certify others as WASH Swim Lesson Instructor S.1. Both of these courses aim to provide participants with the confidence, content knowledge, and physical skills to deliver swimming instruction to others.

A Swim Lesson Instructor (SLI) Cross-Over course is also available. This is, specifically, designed for persons who hold a current, valid, and verifiable authorization as a swim lesson instructor (or equivalent) from anther nationally or internationally recognized certifying body.

General topics and units of study include: overall water safety; demonstrating and teaching proper technique(s) for each swim stroke; development of the various swim strokes; and the phases of swimmer development.

Swim lessons are offered within three distinct programs with each of the three programs including levels for varying skill levels, experience, and age groups. For more information about our swim programs and course/session offering or to become a WASH Swim Lesson Instructor (SLI) please CONTACT US.

These courses are available across the world and can also be scheduled through many of our International Authorized Training Centers (ATC).

The SLI courses are delivered as a blended format training – online module followed by in-person sessions.