Register for a Lifeguard Course

We anticipate that WASH Lifeguard Certification Courses 1 will be offered throughout the United States and the world as the course(s) get approved (where required by local/state/federal regulation). They will be delivered either as a full in-person or blended format courses.

Certification courses will be delivered through Authorized Training Centers (ATC’S)2

1. World Academy of Safety & Health (WASH) does not guarantee that a certification will be accepted by any employer. We only make courses available for purchase in jurisdictions in which the program/curriculum/course is approved. Each student must verify acceptance for their needs prior to purchasing a course.

2. Authorized Training Centers are not employees or contractors of World Academy of Safety & Health. Each ATC is an independent business.

3. All World Academy of Safety & Health (WASH) lifeguard & lifeguard instructor courses in Spanish are delivered through our WASH International division.

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