Lifeguard Instructor Courses

Becoming a Lifeguard Instructor is accessible no matter where you live!

This is offered as a blended format course.

Pre-Requisites: Current Basic Provider Level Lifeguard Certificate from a nationally or internationally accredited certifying body. Please Contact Us to verify that your certificate is acceptable.

Participants who successfully complete the Lifeguarding Instructor Course receive a certificate to teach Pool Lifeguarding and Shallow Pool Lifeguarding. It is possible for the candidate to qualify to teach Waterfront Lifeguarding, Waterpark Lifeguarding,and Surf Rescue. In order to teach Basic Life Support (BLS), the participant must successfully complete the American Safety and Health Institute (ASHI) Instructor Development Course (IDC).

Are you a large organization such as: a pool or aquatics center, a swim club, a summer camp, a school or school district, a health club, a water park or other facility who requires lifeguards? If you answered, ‘yes’, allow us to assist you in certifying and assembling a staff of instructors who can, year after year, certify your lifeguards. Categories: Lifeguard Instructor Courses, Sale Tags: lifeguard instructor courses, sale


Becoming a Lifeguard Instructor is accessible no matter where you live! This is a full in-person course.

Lifeguard Instructor Courses
Service Type
Lifeguard Instructor Courses
Provider Name
World Academy of Safety & Health (WASH),
P.O. Box 311,Riderwood,Maryland-21139,
Telephone No.1-800-484-0419
World Academy of Safety & Health (WASH) offers Lifeguard Instructor Courses across the world. Once certified, candidates have the opportunity to teach Pool Lifeguard, Shallow Pool Lifeguard, Waterfront Lifeguard, Waterpark Lifeguard, and Surf Rescue Lifeguard classes. All instructors will affiliate or setup a WASH Authorized Training Center (ATC).