Aquatic RISC Program

RISC (Risk, Impact, Strategic Exposure Outline, and Control Assessment)

Risk Possibility of exposure to danger, injury or hazard(s).

Impact The impact of a risk.

Strategic Exposure Outline Overview of current and future ‘costs’ from adverse decision making, improperly implemented risk management program, and/or lack of alignment with industry best practices.

Control Assessment High level audit and analysis of both missing and active controls relating to process.

Many organizations and facilities do not have the time, resources, expertise to implement a complete risk management program. Our Aquatics RISC Program combines world-class service with our industry expertise to provide each client with an audit solution that is a fully customized for your facility or organization. You meet with our team to discuss your needs and challenges and we design an audit program that is responsive to your unique operation.

We conduct site visits to observe and collect operational data to inform our assessment. Our audit report can facilitate improvement in: decision-making; risk assessment and implementation of risk controls; overall operational efficiency; and a continuous improvement program.

The audit report will provide client with:

  • Best practices designed to maximize efficiency and minimize risk exposure
  • Operational framework to mitigate risk and provide strategy to ensure regulatory compliance
  • Implementation strategy to promote both safety and business growth
  • Prioritization of resources to guide overall operational strategy